01 Apr. 21

What to Expect From Leak Repair

Indoor plumbing took a long time to become part of almost every American household. In fact, even in 1940 only half of them had any type of indoor plumbing. Thankfully, those days are behind us and indoor plumbing is the norm. When plumbing problems creep in like leaks, it can quickly feel like the years before 1940 again. It’s smart to call in help quickly and here’s what you can expect from leak repair

First step in leak repair

The first critical step in leak repair is to shut off the water. Water can do tremendous damage to a structure and shutting off anything actively running is key. If the water leak is between the service line and the home’s pies, you can turn the water off at the main. If it’s in the service line, you’ll need to turn the water off at the meter.   

Consider shutting off the electrical too

When you have a major water leak, it can present an extremely dangerous situation if it mixes with electricity. It’s smart if you have water in your home to also turn the electricity off at the breaker until the situation improves. If the leak is relatively small, it may just require unplugging any appliances in the immediate vicinity of the area. 

Emergency plumber for leak repair

An emergency plumber is the perfect professional to provide leak repair. Making sure they’re licensed and insured means that you’ll get high quality work and benefit from the experience of a seasoned pro. The plumber will find the leak and isolate it so that a fix can be applied and your water restored. 

How long will a fix take

Depending on the size of the leak, the hole could be fixed quickly or might take a little bit of time. It might require a new pipe, or it might be able to be salvaged with just a patch. A knowledgeable plumber will know and get the water flowing back into your home in no time flat.