14 Feb. 22

Is It Worth Replacing a Bathtub?

Is It Worth Replacing a Bathtub?

In 2021, 39% of homeowners finally had the means to renovate their bathroom. Bathroom remodels can make or break the return of investments. Depending on what you’re planning to remodel, your choice can significantly affect your home’s value. So what if you spy a new bathtub that suits your fancy? Perhaps you want to trade your current tub for an entire upgrade? Choosing your favorite tub is more than just aesthetics, so consulting with your expert bathtub replacement Port St. Lucie team will make it all worth it in the end. 

Needs or Aesthetics?

Before you determine which tub would look nice in your bathroom, you must consider a few things first. How old are the bathroom and the bathtub? Was it the original bathtub when you bought the house? Moreover, have you had your tub refinished? If not, and your tub is between 20 and 40 years old, it’s probably time to replace your tub. This is not based on aesthetics, but rather the need to have a better working tub. When your tub reaches a certain age, it can be hard to clean or fix. A bathtub replacement Port St. Lucie bathroom contractor can give you an age estimate to determine how old your bathtub is. 

So, consider why you would like a bathtub replacement in the first place. Is it time for an upgrade? Were you inspired by the latest DIY television show and you want something that fits your style? Both needs and aesthetics are great reasons for a bathtub replacement. However, it needs to fit the functionality of your current bathroom setup.

Is It Time to Replace My Tub?

So you’ve determined that your tub needs some kind of attention, whether it’s chipped or cracked in some areas and you’ve had someone fill it in, or the tub color is no longer what it once was. 

To Paint or Not to Paint

You can certainly go over the bathtub with a high finish gloss to refinish the tub surface. However, in order to achieve your desired results, consider the type of paint that you’re using, and if in fact a paint refinish is all that your tub needs. More often than not, homeowners will refinish their tub for financial or time saving reasons, and then months later are faced with a problem that painting and refinishing won’t solve.

Old Hat

Whether you know the tub’s age or not, you can tell just by looking at it if it doesn’t fit the expectations of a functional bathtub setting. You can tell pretty quickly if your bathtub is obsolete. For example: you spend a lot of time and effort on repairs, the color of the tub has faded drastically, or the fixtures on the tub are the original and are no longer manufactured. Old fixtures and constant repairs are a surefire sign that your tub is…old hat.

Home Value

When it comes time to sell your home, a bathroom upgrade can increase your home’s value. There’s nothing like walking into a freshly remodeled bathroom when you buy your new home. The first place in the home that potential buyers look at is the bathroom! So, if you’re selling your home, it might be worth replacing your tub or adding some bath upgrades. Most people are looking for modern features and a trending bathroom design. 


If you’re trying to decide between repairing the damage or replacing the tub completely, you must consider the severity of the damage. You may get away with fixing the minor cracks and finishes, but an older bathtub should probably be replaced at some point to prevent future damage. 

Bathtub replacements can be rather expensive and difficult projects to do on your own, so it’s best to hire a bathtub replacement Port St. Lucie contractor to take on this project. Our Genesis Plumbing team specializes in home remodels, whole house repiping, and general plumbing work. Contact us today about your next home remodel project!