01 Apr. 22

How to Fix Sewer Backup?

You always notice when there’s a sewage problem, particularly sewage backup. In order to prevent sewage backup from even starting, it’s imperative to take precautions while maintaining a healthy, whole house piping system. Before you need a sewage backup fix Port St Lucie expert, there are ways to be prepared so you can handle it safely until help arrives.

What Causes a Sewage Backup?

There are many reasons a sewage backup can occur, aside from old pipes that gather materials. Old houses, massive rain storms that last for a longer than normal timeframe, and even lack of maintenance can cause sewage backup in your home. Sewage is no joke, and needs to be addressed as soon as the issue occurs. Aside from flushing non-flushable items, there are other elements to why sewage backup happens. Perhaps lateral maintenance is not an ideal situation. As a homeowner, you need to be sure that the lateral in your home that connects to the main city sewer is clear and free of tree roots, and is properly maintained. Someone should assess this regularly. This also leads to unlawful plumbing connections, meaning that you may have your sump pump hooked to your sewer. This will cause a backup in your home. The plumbing fixtures need to be hooked legally, and a professional local plumber will ensure it is done correctly and to code. Other causes are the age and the kind of plumbing system you have. Older properties with historic elements will often have clay pipes or outdated plumbing. These structures are usually susceptible to tree roots, twigs and weeds. Eventually, these natural elements will clog the pipes and cause a sewage backup.

Fixing and Nixing the Problem

While sewage backup can happen to the best of us, when it does, you’ll be sure you don’t want this to happen again. So, you should take the utmost care and prepare yourself and your home before this issue arises. First, find out if your home’s existing pipes are clay, or if they’re just plain old. By replacing your pipes with a plastic piping, tree roots find it difficult to pass through. Flood control systems can also be installed and are a security blanket when it comes to preventing back water. Sewage will go out as it’s intended to, and will stay out! Scheduling an annual whole house plumbing inspection is an excellent preventative for sewage backup. Again, older houses may have older plumbing! So, if you are drawn to buying that older Victorian home with classic charm, hire a plumber to inspect the pipes and replace them if necessary. There’s nothing more frustrating than spending the money for an old home renovation, and then needing a sewage backup Port St Lucie plumber to fix a whole house piping issue. 

So, you’re experiencing sewage backup, but to what degree? It can be a scary issue to face, and it’s not something to just mop up and leave. It’s best you leave the fixing-up to an expert. If you notice black water, steer clear from the area and call a specialist right away. Black water is contaminated with toxic chemicals that are hazardous to your health, and should only be maintenanced by licensed professionals.

When was the last time you had routine plumbing maintenance? Now is the time to get your home plumbing looked at to avoid sewage backup. Genesis Plumbing Services provides the expertise needed for all kinds of plumbing solutions, from whole house repiping to sewer replace and repair. With 24/7 support, these dedicated professionals provide 24-hour emergency services, with upfront pricing and free estimates. To schedule your service, fill out this form and let us know how we can help!