05 Oct. 20

What Options Are There for Bathtub Replacement?

The bathrooms in your home are a great place to spend money. Any improvements that you make to these spaces will impress buyers in the future in the event you decide to list your home. Industry experts agree that bathrooms, and bathtub replacement, are two home improvement projects that deliver the most bang for your buck. So, what are your options?

Bathtub replacement in the same footprint

If the bathroom is ok but the bathtub really needs to go, or has seen better days, replacing it in the same footprint is a relatively easy job. The first step would be to find a dependable plumber that can help you through the bathtub replacement process. He or she can tell you exactly what you need to make the job as easy as possible and direct you to the exact dimensions for your shopping trip to pick out a new tub.  

Bathtub replacement in a different place

A knowledgeable plumber will definitely be involved if you plan to replace your bathtub but place the new tub in a different place. They might need to move the pippin necessary to deliver water to and drain the tub. It’s possible to rearrange your bathroom and it might make a lot of sense in the space. Just be sure you have an experienced plumber advising you along the way.   

Adding a new bathtub in a space

If your bathroom has a shower but no tub, there might be a good reason to add one like small kids in the home, or even pets that need regular bathing. Discuss the space with a plumber to know if there is enough room to add the tub. There are all sizes of tubs on the market, so even if the room is tight, you might still be able to incorporate a new bathtub.   

Major bathroom overhaul 

Real estate experts estimate that homeowners get a 70 percent return on any investments they make in renovating the bathrooms of their home. If you have the budget, and really dislike the space as it exists currently, it might make sense to discuss a full-scale renovation. Find a plumber that you can trust with a solid reputation in the community and plenty of experience to guide you on your renovation journey.