01 Mar. 19

Plumbing: What Exactly is it and Why is it Important?

Plumbing is a big part of American homes and commercial businesses. In fact, March 11th is globally observed as World Plumbing Day to highlight the importance of plumbing in our everyday life. Every time you use the faucet to wash your hands or do your laundry, plumbing is the system of pipes that funnel our water supply, heat and sanitation in a building or home. It also requires a skilled and detailed professional to install and maintain the plumbing systems correctly. Plumbing is a simple yet important part of our sanitary foundation.

The Clean Truth

Plumbing created a safe and healthy means of waste disposal and the transportation of clean water when the first water pipes were discovered by archaeologists in the Indus River in India. These pipes dated back to 4000 to 3000 B.C. Through this time, the Egyptians installed bathrooms in tombs and bathrooms with irrigation systems and sewage systems inside pyramids. The ‘toilet’ was first to be discovered in the Harappa civilization, which is now India. Fast forward to many years later, the cast iron main plumbing line was ordered by the king of France in 1644 A.D.. By the end of the 1930’s, farm houses and families were hooked up to electricity and more options were available for indoor bathrooms and running water for baths, washing clothes, and dishes.

Skilled individuals (who we now know as plumbing contractors) took on the hefty and dirty responsibility of assembling and installing piping for types of plumbing we recognize. We don’t often think about how much of an impact plumbing has on our society until we dig into the history of farming, especially in the 1930s.

Plumbing services now have the technology and experience to assist with sewage back up, toilet installation, and even repiping a house.

What Is It and Why Is It Important?

Using the laws of gravity and pressure, plumbing is made from two basic subsystems: one bringing fresh water while the other disposes of waste water. The drainage system allows waste water to empty waste material into a completely different trap or vent. This event is what we know as a sewage system. The supply system is what you receive when you turn on your faucet for freshwater. It is the pressure that travels upward using a main water shut off or valve and can be used for cleaning or drinking.

Clean water is essential for sanitation and healthful living. Plumbing services provide clean water through pipes and make it convenient for us to live clean and comfortably in our homes and businesses. Proper sanitation practice is still lacking in 40% of our world today, even with our advanced knowledge and technology.
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