06 Feb. 19

Types of Plumbing

You may or may not know this, but your home has different kinds of plumbing. And when you go to replace that leaky pipe in your kitchen, you’ll need to know which has the leak so you can replace it with the proper pipe. When there was just one choice of plumbing (the galvanized pipe) to choose from, your job was much simpler. Now that structure and technology has advanced, bringing us a variety of pipes that tag along with fancy kitchen faucets, it has become a little trickier. Here are some types of plumbing for you to identify should you need a sink replacement or toilet repair.

Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) – this kind of piping is familiar among homeowners and is commonly found in drain and vent lines. You will see these pipes as stacks sticking out of your roofline or for waste purposes. It’s much easier to install and work with than traditional galvanized steel and it’s easy to locate the sizing.

Cast Iron – Cast iron pipes are still popular among many homes today. Sewer lines are typically made up of cast iron because they are found to be practical and useful until they rust.

Galvanized Steel Pipes – These pipes work well among themselves, creating a solid steel pathway, each piece connected together by simple screws. While not every home has this type of piping nowadays, it is extremely durable.

PEX Piping – Your water supply lines are equipped with these simple-to-install pipes. They are flexible, color-coated and easy to cut and assemble together. It’s truly a piping that makes it easy for homeowners to replace without a fuss.

Rigid Copper – Your water supply line will be a rigid copper pipe. This requires the steady and experienced hand of experienced plumbing services because connecting the pipes can be tricky as the pipes need to be soldered together.

ABS Piping – This type of piping is very similar to PVC piping except black in color. It’s not used as a means of plumbing piping because it doesn’t measure up to plumbing standards. If at all used, you will find this type of piping for drains or vents.

Flexible Tubing – This piping is used only for short runs of water supply to such appliances as refrigerators or water heaters. It’s a smaller, short, copper tubing that is used for making narrower pathways to certain appliances and it’s not all-weather resistant.

You see, there are many different uses for plumbing in your home. When used correctly, you will have a smooth and efficient working household. But it’s always the best suggestion to let a professional handle minor piping tasks to avoid a major issue later on. Genesis Plumbing uses honest and integral plumbing for your home now that will be sure to last for years to come. From toilet clogs to toilet repair to water heater replacement, we can fix your plumbing needs, big or small and service the Stuart and Palm City area. Contact our honest team for answers to your piping questions!