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03 Feb. 20

Types of Plumbing and When To Call a Plumber

Your house is full of mysterious things that you probably don’t know much about, and that are better left to the pros when repairs are needed. Plumbing typically falls in this category and there are certain situations that arise with types of plumbing that signal the need to call a plumber. Here are a few of those situations and other helpful information to consider about the plumbing inside your home. 

A massive increase in your water bill

One of the first signs that your types of plumbing might be failing and that it’s time to call a plumber would be if you retrieve a water bill in your mailbox that is astronomically high compared to previous bills. One leaky faucet can waste more than 3,000 gallons of water in a year. This is a sure sign that something is off with your plumbing and that you should do something to remedy it soon. If you don’t see any obvious signs of plumbing problems like running toilets or dripping faucets, it may serve you best to call in a plumber that will hunt for the problem.

Types of plumbing that cause common problems 

There are a few items around your house that are common culprits when it comes to plumbing problems. Faucets that drip, drains that don’t drain, toilets that run, toilets that won’t flush, a lack of hot water, water pressure that’s unusually low, discolored water from your faucets, or the absence of water anyone inside your house are all common problems with the types of plumbing in your home. These problems vary in severity and level of difficulty of the repair. 

 Types of plumbing that can be fixed on your own

There are a few types of plumbing problems that can be fixed easily on your own. Before calling a plumber to address a clogged sink, you can head to your neighborhood hardware store and purchase a bottle of drain cleaner that might just do the trick. If you’re facing a clogged toilet problem, a toilet plunger is an easy to use device that might just help take care of the problem.  

When to call a plumber

There are many situations that might arise with your plumbing that call for a professional. If you’re noticing low water pressure, discolored water, no hot water, a burst pipe, frozen pipes, or smell natural gas in the vicinity of your hot water heater, a plumber is definitely in your future. These are the types of situations that call for the expertise of a trained professional.