01 Jul. 21

Tips for Toilet Repair

When your indoor plumbing isn’t functioning properly it can be a real pain in the rear end. You could pick up the phone and call a reputable plumber nearby who can come to the rescue, but, depending on the situation you could also take control of the situation on your own. Consider these tips for common toilet repair and, with any luck, your problems might be solved with a little bit of elbow grease and common household tools. 

Phantom flushes toilet repair

Phantom flushes are a sign that something is not quite right deep inside your toilet bowl. This problem is usually caused by a slow leak into the toilet bowl from the tank and is a toilet repair  that you can handle with minimal plumbing experience. Usually, the flapper is the culprit which has a tendency to go bad after many years of service. The fix is fairly simple and requires draining the toilet completely, inspecting the flapper and flapper seat, then heading to your nearest home improvement store for a replacement if it appears worn or broken.  

Fixing a clogged toilet

A clogged toilet is one of the most common plumbing problems in a house and not necessarily one that needs professional attention. At least, not before you try freeing the clog yourself. Use a force-cup plunger to clear the clog by affixing it over the drain hole and forcing water deep into the toilet. This forceful motion is usually enough to move the clog from where it’s trapped and allow the water in the toilet bowl to drain.   

Constant trickle and toilet repair 

If you hear a faint but constant trickle of water emanating from your toilet, that signals another problem that you might be able to tackle on your own. You’ll need to drain the toilet like you read about for addressing phantom flushes, and then carefully inspect a few parts inside the tank, namely: the refill tube, the float, and the inlet valve assembly. Check for any damage to any of the parts. The fix might be as simple as replacing anything that appears worn over time.  

Fix the broken lid

Over time and use, the hinges that attach the lid to the toilet can begin to fail. Luckily, your toilet seat cover is pretty easy to replace. Remove the old one from the toilet and measure it carefully. Take those measurements to a home improvement store near you and find a suitable replacement. Affix the new lid and, in no time flat, your previously broken toilet will be good as new.