04 Oct. 21

The Sewage Backup Fix You Might Need One Day

Your sewage can back up for a number of reasons. The buildup of grease in your pipes over time, a growing collection of trapped paper towels, wipes, and personal products, and any number of other situations all can cause a clog. Whatever the cause, a quick fix will always be a necessity. If you ever find yourself dealing with this situation and searching for a sewage backup fix, remember these solutions. 

The quickest sewage backup fix

You can try clearing the clog with this easy sewage backup fix with things you probably already have at home. Mix equal parts vinegar and baking soda and pour down the sewer drain. The vinegar will start to break down the clog in the pipe while the effervescence of the mixture will keep it moving. After an hour, flush the pipe again but this time use very hot water. Test the drain to see if the sewage backup fix worked.

Use a snake tool

If you happen to have a drain snake lying around, it might be just the thing you need to clear your sewer clog. This is often the second line of defense after you’ve tried a plunger to free the clog. Push the snake through the block drained until you feel the cause of the problem. Rotate the tool until it frees the debris and get water moving through the drain again.  

The plumbers sewage backup fix

To bring in the heavy hitters for really tough clogs or active backup situations, you should call a plumber. This will definitely be necessary if the blockage is beyond something you can reach, or if you’ve tried multiple home fixes to no avail. A plumber can use a hydro-jet to push water at an extreme velocity from your home out toward the sewer line. 

Finding the clog by camera

 A professional plumber also has the means to locate and isolate the clogged area with a special camera system. They’ll inspect the system by feeding a thin wire and attached camera through your toilet and through the drain. The camera illuminates the space and allows the plumber to see exactly where the problem might be.