Slab Leak Repair

02 Mar. 20

Slab Leak Repair : The Cost of Waiting

The slab is the foundation of your home, both literally and figuratively. It’s the base on which everything else is built and if it begins to break down in some way, everything built on top of it will follow suit. Slab leak repair is the answer to a serious situation and that shouldn’t be ignored. Fixes can be costly if the damage is left to worsen. Here are just a few examples of the extensive damage possible in this situation. 

Swelling forcing slab leak repair 

Situations that call for slab leak repair mean that water is somehow leaking through your slab from the water lines that run underneath your home. This water can collect over time and can even swell depending on the weather in your area. Frozen water trapped in the vicinity of your slab can cause big problems especially shifting your home’s structure.  

Slab leak repair to prevent mold

Water also has a tendency to spread and be absorbed into any building materials that are porous. If you don’t notice these leaks, mold can begin to develop over time. Mold is a costly problem to fix and can impact the health of those living in the home in very critical ways. 

Leaks spreading into floors and walls

Slab leaks will degrade building materials over time and find the path of least resistance to freedom. You might also eventually deal with leaks spreading into floors and walls. In this scenario, you’ll not only have to address the leak at the source but also shell out cash to repair floors and sheetrock, maybe even down to the studs of your wall. It’s always less expensive to deal with a problem as soon as you notice it rather than waiting even a minute.  

Preventing major foundation shifting

Slab leaks aren’t a huge problem when they first start. Repairs for a minor leak might not run more than $500. But once that leak starts to grow and spread, that number will ratchet up quickly. Water collected in one part of your slab could lead to your whole foundation shifting which will cause problems all the way through your house.