28 Dec. 18

Negative Effects of Hard Water

We generally don’t pay too much attention to our water in our home unless something is noticeably different. We perform normal household tasks such as laundry, bathing, or even brushing our teeth but forget how the water plays an important role in the quality and functionality of life at home. 85% of Americans have a hard water issue in their home. Are you aware of the negative effects? Perhaps you are among this high percentage and need to seek out the advice from expert plumbing services for further assistance.

The Cold Hard Facts

Hard water contains high amounts of minerals such as magnesium and calcium that cause common plumbing and build up problems within the pipes. This build-up makes it difficult for laundry soap or detergent to perform efficiently to clean your clothes.

Appliance Malfunctions & Skin Issues

After a while, the hard water causes calcium buildup within the pipes. The pipes collect whatever elements travel from your sink, tub, and even toilets, attaching to the build, causing more buildup and ultimately putting pressure and wear on your pipes. You’ll notice clogged pipes and rust eventually take over, creating a costly expense.

Another negative effect of hard water is skin irritation. Eczema is the most common skin condition that is linked to hard water. Bathing or cleaning in hard water results in drying of the skin and inefficient usage of shampoos and bath products as the water does not dissolve the soap.

How to Spot Hard Water in Your Home

The easiest way to spot harwater is to look for spotty dishware, crusty faucet heads, and if you notice your hair becoming dull or you have unusually dry skin. These are good indicators that you need an expert local plumber in Martin County. Your water quality report will also tell you how hard your water is and what’s in it so you have an idea of the water quality specific to your area but not necessarily to your home. You may also perform a simple water test from your tap. While this testing will provide a straightforward answer as to if you have hard water or not, it will not tell you the harshness of the water. Fill a plastic water bottle ⅓ of the way full of tap water then add 4 drops of liquid dish soap, then shake. If you have hard water, you will notice the bubbles remaining on the bottom of the bottle along with cloudy, muted water.

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