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04 Jun. 19

Most Common Causes for Kitchen Appliance Leaks

Your kitchen appliances go through daily wear and tear, and over time things tend to break. The important thing to remember that there is always a cause for a leak; it doesn’t just come from anywhere. You will also want to catch a leak early, so being aware of these common causes of kitchen leaks will help limit water damage.

Most common causes for kitchen appliance leaks

Kitchen appliances can leak for a variety of reasons but if you are aware of these reasons you can schedule a leak repair quickly.

  • Broken or damaged seals

  • Damaged pipe joints

  • Clogged or obstructed water lines

  • Loose water connectors

  • Corrosion or rust

  • High water pressure

  • Quick drops or spikes in temperature

Any of these reasons can affect your kitchen appliances and cause them to leak. But which appliances are most likely to leak and can you correct it?

Kitchen appliances most likely to leak

1.) Refrigerator

It’s no surprise that your refrigerator is one of your kitchen appliances you need to watch for leaks. Since the purpose of your fridge is to keep your food cold and fresh, if there is a leak it is not working to its best ability. If there is a leak in your refrigerator there is most likely a drop in temperature inside which can cause your food to spoil. But where is the leak coming from?

Well there are a few places inside your fridge that can cause leaks. First you should check your water filter. If the water filter was not installed correctly or was knocked out of place that can be the source of your refrigerator leak. You should also check the drain pan. The drain pan is located at the bottom of your fridge and if it is cracked or not fully in place, it can cause leaking from the bottom of your fridge. You’ll want to catch this early because constant dripping on your kitchen floor can cause mold or other water damage.

2.) Dishwasher

The dishwasher is probably the most common kitchen appliance to need a leak repair, and for good reason. If your dishwasher is leaking from the top or down the door, you could have a broken latch or seal in the door of your dishwasher. This is a much less expensive leak repair than if one of the mechanical components is to blame.

Another possibility for a leaking dishwasher is broken or damage valves inside your dishwasher. If you’ve had your dishwasher for years this is a very common problem. Over time your dishwasher wears down and certain parts need to be replaced. If you are noticing any flooding inside your dishwasher, your water inlet valve may be damaged. You’ll want to call a leak repair company right away to avoid any costly damage that can be caused by flooding.

3.) Kitchen sink

The kitchen sink is a part of your kitchen you should always be monitoring. If you are noticing a drop in water pressure or the water temperature fluctuating you may have a problem with your home’s water heater. There is a series of pipes and water connectors under your sink, and overtime these pipes can rust or corrode causing you to spring a leak. It’s important to keep your sink drain and pipes clear of rust or other corrosive bacteria to prevent repairs.

Where is there a leak repair company near me?

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