01 Sep. 21

Is It Time For A Sink Replacement?

Most homeowners don’t give much through to their sinks until there’s a problem. But these workhorses of bathrooms and kitchens deserve a little more attention because when things go wrong with them, they have the capacity to go really wrong. So, if it’s been a while sink you inspected the health of your sink, or if you never have looked at it closely, here’s a few things to look for that signal it could be time for a sink replacement. 

Cracks signal a sink replacement

If you notice any cracks in the bowl of your sink, you should probably look closely for any signs of leaks in the cabinet or on the floor. A cracked sink definitely signals that it’s time for a sink replacement since crack fixes don’t offer much promise for permanent repair. The good news is that a basic new sink won’t break the bank, and a better sink is possible if you have a little bit more to spend. 

If you’re dealing with constant clogs

Another reason that you might need to consider sink replacement is if you’re dealing with constant clogs. Hair, soap scale, and other organic matter has a tendency to gather in the sink’s piping and build up over time. It’s possible to move the clog and professional plumbers definitely have that skill. But after time, the cost of calling in a plumber will cost way more than the cost of buying a new sink and having it installed. 

Signs of rust or mold call for a sink replacement

Any signs at all of mold growth in or under your sink are a good reason to have your sink replaced. Mold anywhere inside your home presents a hazard to you and your family. If the problem gets out of hand, removing it can get really expensive. Therefore, it’s a good idea to get rid of it at the very first sign. Same as rust, if you have rusty water coming out of your pipes, there’s little that can be done to fix it and the sink should just be replaced instead.  

Your bathroom needs some TLC

Another reason to consider a sink replacement is if your bathroom is looking a bit tired and out-of-date. A bathroom renovation is a great home improvement project that will give homeowners a great return on their investment. And if you’re planning on listing your house soom, putting a little lipstick on your bathrooms with beautiful new sinks is a great way to wow potential buyers.