04 May. 20

Four Reasons to Leave Water Heater Installation to the Pros

You probably don’t give much thought to your home’s hot water heater. Most people don’t until that opportune moment that they need hot water and none flows out of the tap. The average lifespan of this appliance is 8-12 years. Although you might be tempted to try installing a new one yourself, here are four reasons why you should leave the water heater installation to the pros. 

Water heater installation and risk of explosion or fire 

Most water heaters are powered by some type of natural gas. Natural gas can be volatile to work with, and unless you have plenty of experience under your belt, this is a major reason to leave water heater installation to the pros. The last thing you want is to cause significant damage or danger just for the sake of trying to save a few dollars on installation costs.  

More potential problems with natural gas

Hot water heaters that are fueled by natural gas have a pilot light that must be lit before use. This flame continues burning throughout the lifecycle of the appliance. If the flame is extinguished, it’s no longer burning the gas that’s fueling the heater and the gas instead is seeping into your home. This deadly situation can also happen if you’ve neglected the appliance for a long time, installed it incorrectly on your own, or didn’t know that the appliance needs to have ventilation. This scenario could be deadly and is commonly called carbon monoxide poisoning.   

Knowledge about water heater installation and brands

One of the most valuable things you get when hiring the pros is their knowledge. Communicating with a professional about your appliance needs opens up a conversation about what products are on the market, what size you need for your home, and which will perform best according to your use. They will also be able to ensure and certify that your new hot water heater has been properly installed, vented, and good to serve you for a decade or more.  


Hiring a professional for your hot water heater installation also give you a healthy amount of reassurance. You’ll know that the appliance will function just like it should and in a safe manner. You’ll also know that if something goes wrong with the appliance or the install, you’ll know exactly where to turn for help.