04 Jan. 19

4 Unnoticeable Reasons for Clogged Drains

Clogged drains happen to the best of us. And they can be quite the expense to unclog if left unkempt. But have we really dug out all the dirt and grime that caused the build up? Or Perhaps it’s something more than just a minor clog? Here are some reasons for clogged drains that you may not notice with your own two eyes.


Smaller Objects

Babies and toddlers seem to be drawn to flushing small – or sometimes large – items down the toilet. And if we’re not careful, these small objects can find their way deep into the pipes causing more harm than we realize. Any foreign objects that get lodged in your pipes will need the assistance of a professional for removal. 300 millions Americans spend $5 billion per year on their toilet. This figure includes the removal of objects, excessive flushing, and water overflow.


Some traditional soaps are still made from fat or grease. When in use, their residue combines with minerals in the water. These minerals produce build up and soap scum that clogs the drain. This problem can be solved by switching to a mineral free soap and an occasional pressure cleaning of your pipes by professional plumbers near you. You can also use organic soaps without the grease or chemicals that produce residue.

Mineral Buildup

Even without the use of soap, your pipes are still susceptible to hard-water build up. The hard water alone produces minerals which cause build up over time. To remove this issue you will need to get a water softener for your home. Again, this calls for a professional to clear your pipes and install the water softener.

Tree Roots

Even the smallest, hairline cracks in your pipes can attract tree roots. This subtle damage can pose a threat to your pipes and obstruct water flow. This can cause severe pipe damage and clogged drains. Clearing the roots from the pipes can be quite the hassle and will require the assistance of your plumbing service to perform pressure jet cleaning or even excavation. At this point, it’s best to have a plumber check for this type of damage.

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