04 May. 21

4 Plumbing Services You Didn’t Know You Needed

Everyone knows who to call for burst pipes or a damaging water leak. But did you know that plumbers actually provide a host of other services? If you’re a homeowner, you should consider these four plumbing services that you probably didn’t know you needed and that a plumber can provide until now. 

Gas line extension plumbing services 

Your friendly neighborhood plumber isn’t just an expert when it comes to water, but they’re also a pro when it comes to dealing with gas. If you have natural gas as a fuel source in your home, the line was probably put there by a licensed plumber. If you need that line extended, or even a brand new line run to a different area on your property, a plumber is the one to call for this unexpected plumbing service.  

Plumbing services for bathroom remodel

If you’re eyeing a bathroom remodel in the near future, you’ll definitely need a skilled and knowledgeable plumber. These professionals can help move important features of the bathroom—like your toilet or shower—to different locations in the room. They can also run new pipes if necessary, and offer more guidance on the best practices for the remodeling project.   

If you’re considering a water purifier

Many homeowners take the safety of their indoor plumbing to a whole new level by installing a whole-house water purifier. These appliances guarantee that your family is drinking and using the safest water possible. The professional that can help with the safe and timely installation of a water purifier is your friendly, neighborhood plumber.  

In the event of a slab leak

If you start noticing damp spots on your floor, you might just have a slab leak on your hands. This means that a pipe contained within the slab is leaking and requires immediate attention. An experienced plumber is the best person for this job which will require accessing the pipe for rerouting or repair.